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Price list maker (A)

Dining MENU generator (B)

+ Change applications as you wish! (C)

(This posibility is explained below ...)

Our systems are easy to use and the result is immediate (5 sec.).

You only need one thing: XLSx file with your data. (We can give you a clear clear file.)


Result of our service: Our online maker generates colored PDF files, which you can print anywhere (office printer / copy center / offset press), or send by email, share on social sites, put on Facebook...

Two web online generators (price list / menu)

(A) If you have a company, store, wholesale, ... where prices change very often. You can use Excel files with products and prices up to date. However, XLS files are not comfortable to read for customers. There is an solution = generate efficient colored Price list files in our online generator => prepare promotional offers and flyers for your customers quickly.
(B) If you run a restaurant, fast food, catering or prepare menus for schools you need to easily and efficiently generate dining menus (meal-drink tickets) daily or weekly.

What will you get? ... Samples:

Price list generator Dining menu example Dining menu example

How it works? ... It`s super easy :-)

Your XLS Input file

The input is your Excel XLS file with products and prices that is up to date and editable by your computer.

You need a nice PDF

Choose your template that suits you the most or we will create a customized graphic design for you

Upload & Generate

Upload the XLSx file and generate. The result is a graphically attractive PDF/JPG/HTML that you can easily send by mail or print anywhere.

The interface of our web services

We have created 2 web applications to generate:

A) colored price lists of products with promotional and long-term prices for companies...

B) graphically appealing weekly menus for restaurants/canteens/…

You can try each application by clicking on the picture below:

Price list maker

Price list maker example

Dining MENU generator

Dining menu generator example

Excel structures

Dining menu xlsx file sample

Your XLSx file needs a specific structure

A) category, product name, packaging, price 1, price 2

B) day, amount, meal, price


We offer a few background templates, but you can add your own background.

Generate a nice price list... or a flyer for companies - online (A)


This web application can generate graphically attractive price lists with several pages of length, either in the form of A4 leaflets or in PDF format. It`s ready for use, and we offer further customisation.

What does it mean?

  • we will create a customized graphic template for you
  • the application is able to automatically generate multiple pages with different settings
  • you have the option to prepare multiple templates with different content
  • you will save a lot of time preparing promotional offers for your customers

Our application is very easy to use and can be used by anyone - regardless of technical knowledge. Just prepare the basic texts directly in Excel and insert the file into the application, which will automatically generate graphically attractive PDF price lists according to the selected template.



€15/mo Sign Up Now
  • Recurring monthly payment. Cancel anytime.


€9.75/mo* Sign Up Now
  • Recurring annual payment. Cancel anytime.
  • *Charged as one payment of €117/year

One time using

€5 Try to generate
  • You can generate 3 PDF files.

One-time price

€500 ++ Send us your Requests
  • We can rewrite our web app for your needs
  • *Charged €500 + €48/hour for new programming

(C) Special offer: Change the application as you wish!

Our programmers will change processing of your input XLSx file (your structure) and PDF output file design fit to YOU!

You will send us your XLSx file and output of graphics and we will estimate time of work (our hourly price is €48). If you find it acceptable, we will provide you with your own web app which will generate your price list/menu/ ... Changes can be made any time in the future. For example: we can generate different types of files: XML, CSV, .. if you want to upload your menu to another web system. Contact us and we will be happy to prepare an offer for you.

Key Features

  • The input is your Excel XLS file that is up to date and editable (solution: xls2pdf or xlsx2pdf)
  • The output is graphically nice PDF that you can easily print on A4 or place on your website
  • Choose from default template designs or we can create a new design that will fit your needs
  • Upload your own logos and images

Other benefits

  • Save money. You can not ask your design company to make new Price List.
  • Save time. Your XLSx file put on web online and will get PDF immediate.
  • Any place. By Internet you can generate file from any places and time.
  • We are able to make web app at your service.

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